Our Process

Photo of a Dirty Vent




Our Duct Cleaning Process: First Steps

  • Air Rite technicians follow several steps upon arrival to protect your property and equipment: Our technicians roll out a canvas to protect the driveway from spills. As the technicians enter the property, a canvas blanket is laid in the entranceway where the techs will be moving equipment in and out of the property.
  • Shoes are removed upon entering the property—shoe coverings and face masks can be worn upon request. Corner guards are placed to protect drywall from hoses that are moved throughout the home.
  • Before cleaning begins, the tech will cover your A/C and furnace components by wrapping the filter separating your supply and return sides. This ensures that adequate suction can be applied during the cleaning process so debris is not pulled into the A-coil or blower motor.

Comprehensive Air Duct & Vent Cleaning

  • Kanna flex hoses are run from the truck to the main trunk lines of the system.
  • Starting with the return side of the system, we gain access to the ductwork by cutting a 10-inch hole to connect the Kanna flex hose to the system (all holes are patched with sheet metal and sheet metal screws when the job is complete).
  • Tech will take “before” pictures of your dirty ductwork.
  • Technicians will gain access to every supply and return vent in the home or building.
  • Grill-mask is applied to vent covers to ensure no dust blows back into your home or building and it all goes back to the truck.
  • Negative suction is applied to the system using a power vac truck, sucking all debris from the return side. Technicians agitate vents and ductwork with whips, brushes, and other tools to break up dust and debris so it can be removed by hoses back to the power vac truck.
  • 1-inch holes are made in the ductwork to access main trunks with rods, whips, and brushes (these holes are later plugged with black hole plugs).
  • The same process is repeated on the supply side of the system.
  • Our technicians clean the furnace and blower motor using brushes and whips.
  • After both supply and return sides of the system have been cleaned, our techs will take pictures showing that your ductwork was properly cleaned, giving you peace of mind knowing you are now dust-free.
  • Our last step in the process is patching all access points made to the ductwork with sheet metal, sheet metal screws, and black hole plugs.